On Social Media

For those of you who haven’t noticed, we have officially joined the 21st Century and are now active in “social media”.  For an old dog like me, it’s been quite a journey from my past life of living privately to my new life learning to live out loud.

I’m becoming proficient in an entirely new language complete with definitions of hashtag (no, that’s not a pound sign) twitter (learning to be extraordinarily short winded- I can’t even use the word “extraordinarily”- too many characters) and Instagram (the art of taking pictures that a stranger may find interesting. The fallback is posting photos of food. I never miss a meal so that’s pretty easy).

Now the problem is getting friends and followers to “like” me. In my past life,  I’ve always been fortunate to have many great and loyal friends. I’m not an insecure person so I always assume everyone likes me.  Now, I’m desperately searching for shallow and insignificant friends just to say I have them.  As far as followers, I only briefly wanted to rule a small country once.  So let’s just say followers are not something I’ve concerned myself with before.

And then of course, there’s the harsh reality that it’s not about me anymore. It’s all about The Make It Count Project (MICP) now! Anything for the cause, and a good cause it is.  My goal, oops, I mean the MICP’s goal is to spread the word and get as many people, companies and organizations to participate in community service and charitable giving. Help me to help you make this world a little more compassionate place for all of us.

So, please, like me, follow me, re-tweet me and support me. Oops! I mean The MAKE IT COUNT PROJECT.



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