On Thanksgiving

Family   When asked what we are thankful for, in the sarcastic banter my family substitutes for dialog, the answer used to center on obscene amounts of delicious, fattening food and a day off to digest them. Football sometimes got an honorable mention, too. Of course, our parents raised us with the mantra that family […]

On Social Media

For those of you who haven’t noticed, we have officially joined the 21st Century and are now active in “social media”.  For an old dog like me, it’s been quite a journey from my past life of living privately to my new life learning to live out loud. I’m becoming proficient in an entirely new […]

Homegrown Fresh Tomato Sauce

FreshTomato Sauce   Note: As always, the better quality ingredients used, the better your sauce will come out.  Use a red wine that you would want to drink, not just a “cooking wine”, organic produce tends to have more taste, olive oil helps round out the flavor so don’t skimp.   5 lbs Fresh Tomatoes […]

10 Ways To Enjoy Tomatoes

For those of you who have been following us on social media, you’ve probably noticed a theme: TOMATOES.  Let me explain…about 3 years ago my husband, Michael, decided to try a bit of a science experiment. (Most people just call it gardening.) He found an antiquated package of tomato seeds in the garage and wanted […]

How to make Sun dried Tomatoes

OR- What to do with an abundance of tomatoes?   We urban farmers spend hours, days, and months doing everything in our power to ensure the best yield from our garden.  We obsess over the planting,  pruning and plucking. Were we able to escape the ravages of the local critters and dreaded caterpillars? Did we […]


Although not commonly acknowledged as an art-form, there are some people who are the Van Goghs of party planning. You know who they are. No matter the occasion, no matter if they invite people at the last minute, no matter if it rains on their parade; everyone always shows up and has a terrific time. […]

Summer Recipes- Heirloom Tomato, Mozzarella & Prosciutto Platter

Great for a summer fundraiser! This colorful platter is an easy way to instantly upgrade your summer buffet.  I like to use a variety of tomatoes that we’re growing in the backyard- Brandywine, Rainbow & Blue Tomatoes are this years crop.  As in any dish, use the best quality ingredients available.  It takes little time […]