About Us

The Make It Count Project was founded by Amy Wynn Brown, who has been a special events planner in Los Angeles for more than twenty-five years. Experiencing firsthand the growing extravagance of events and subsequent waste, Amy wanted to turn that excess into something more useful and charitable, thus creating “party philanthropy”.

Party philanthropy encourages others to incorporate charitable giving into events of all kinds. Parties are the greatest way of celebrating the joyous events of our lives.  What better way to show appreciation for our blessings and give back to the community? Interest and support for the project inspired Amy to expand into providing materials for corporate and other service events.

The Inspiration

The idea started when Amy was talking to Los Angeles Rabbi Steven Leder  about the lavishness of today’s Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Rabbi Leder, who presides over Wilshire Boulevard Temple, lamented that all too often we lose sight of the real significance and meaning of the occasion as young Jewish men and women become adults in the eyes of their community.  His point was that we need “less Bar and more Mitzvah” in the joyous Jewish tradition.

With this in mind Amy realized that by harnessing the energy these young adults brought to the party, and providing them with a fun and useful activity, a big impact could be made to benefit those in need.  She developed  quick, easy craft projects  intended for donation, as an ideal way to honor the spirit of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Hence, The Make It Count Project  was born.